Randall Platt’s novel sold to Skyhorse

Randall Platt announces that her novel, “The Arab of Warsaw,” the searchadventures of a teenage Jewish girl posing as a boy and living on the streets of Nazi occupied Warsaw, has been sold to Julie Matysik at Skyhorse, for publication in Spring 2017.

“I am so proud of this book and can’t wait to start working with my fantastic editor to knock it out of the ball park,” Platt says. “Thank you to my agent, Andy Ross, for believing in this story of survival, courage, and stepping up!”


Library Writers Project solicits self-published material

LWP_webpageThe Multnomah County Library is embarking on a new project to build a collection of self-published works by local authors. They are soliciting self-published authors who are also library members to submit their work for consideration.

The Library Writers Project is an opportunity for writers of fiction to get their self-published books into the hands of the most avid readers around – library patrons.

Self-publish your work through Smashwords for free. (You must hold all the rights to the work.) Library staff readers will review submissions and choose a number of e-books to purchase from Smashwords and make available to library patrons through the Overdrive e-book platform.

Still need to build your writing chops? Multnomah County Library will offer a wide range of free classes and workshops through the fall. Get inspired. Learn and practice the craft of writing. And get your books into the hands of your future fans. Find more details about how to submit and the class offerings here.


Constructing A Story – An Author’s Method

Aug-15Oregonian George Byron Wright will use his sixth novel, “In the Wake of our Misdeed,” to describe how he goes about creating a work of fiction at 7 p.m. Aug. 31 in Conversations with Writers at the Hillsboro Library Main Branch, 2850 NE Brookwood Parkway.

Wright began fulfilling his boyhood desire to write When he retired. His novels are set in the towns of his youth: “Baker City 1948,” his first novel, was followed by “Tillamook 1952,” and “Roseburg 1959.” Wright then moved on to contemporary fiction with the novels, “Driving to Vernonia,” “Newport Blues,” and “A Salesman’s Lament.”

Host Fred Melden says that dissecting the seemingly mysterious creative process seems illusory, and maybe it is, but Wright will tell how arriving at that floating island of creativity requires him to first deal in a host absolutes, and how these free him to swim with the figures of his imagination.

Conversations With Writers invites authors to read and tell us about their work and their writing methods. Not just a reading, but an event for audience members to interact and ask questions about word choices, styles, or the writer’s development of his art. It’s an informal atmosphere to help us better understand the craft of writing.



New Releases: “Between Heartbeats”

DK_betweenheartbeats03_frontDonelle Knudsen announces the release of her new Young Adult and Contemporary Woman novel, “Between Heartbeats.” The paperback will be available in mid-September and the ebook on Aug. 31.

“Diana awakens on her seventeenth birthday in a joyful mood. But at breakfast she is told by her mother that the man she has loved as her father is not her father at all. Diana decides to unravel the mystery of her childhood and the reason for their secrets and travels across the country to visit her stepfather. And so, Diana begins a journey where she discovers shocking truths hidden just beneath the surface. She learns family is more than shared DNA and discovers who will help her when it appears all hope is gone.”

Publisher is Booktrope.


Writing Into The Sunset

copy-cropped-cropped-header4blogOWC members Debbie Guyol and Jenni Gainsborough have launched a web page to encourage writers of a certain age (over 55) to explore and develop their creative urges.

The web page offers them a way to share their writing – prose or poetry. has just launched its first edition and is looking for submissions for its next (winter) edition. Take a look, read what is there, submit your own work, let us know what you think.


Paulann Petersen offers poetry workshop

Paulann2x3Paulann Petersen, Oregon’s sixth Poet Laureate,  is teaching a 10-week workshop at The Attic on the process of revision in poetry.   In this workshop, students use participants’ poems to explore the possibilities offered by revision. Tone, voice, trope, line integrity, and dramatic strategy are included.

“A wonderful poem seems inevitable, virtually artless—as if each word, each word-order, each line, could never have been anything other than what it is. But chances are the poet did a fair amount of adding and subtracting, shuffling and fine-tuning, before the poem reached its final form.”

The workshop is held from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday evenings beginning Sept. 17. Register for the $404 course at The Attic Institute.


Jeanette Hubbard interviewed on Author Author

51Xgs5htuEL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Jeanette Hubbard was recently interviewed by Ed Goldberg on his Author Author podcast.

Ed began by saying her book, “Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs, is a riot…social satire of a fairly high order. It is a comedy romp with quirky characters, ambitious schemers, and bungling small time hoods.”

Jeanette is also pleased as spiked punch that Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs is now on order at the Multnomah County Library. It is also available at Another Read Bookstore, Broadway Books and Powell’s Books online. Amy Blooms will special order it.

A first chapter is available to read at



New Releases: “Memory Hunter”

unnamedFrank Morin is launching “Memory Hunter” on Friday, July 24th in both ebook and hardcover formats.

“Memory Hunter” is a thrilling alternate history.  When Sarah is targeted by enhanced assassins, she’s drawn into the epic struggle between the mysterious facetakers and their ancient enemies. Romance, deception and constant action make Memory Hunter a fast read.  This is the first book of a trilogy which spans the globe and delves deep into the past as history becomes the battlefield.

Details at


Sandra de Helen reading from “The Hounding”

51eLpQC3XxL._AA160_Sandra de Helen will be reading from the first Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson book, “The Hounding” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13 at Another Read Through, 3932 N. Mississippi Ave.

“Tall, thin, androgynous Shirley Combs considers herself the world’s greatest living detective because she uses the methods and casebook of Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes of the gentry of the American city most closely resembling London, England — in terms of the weather, at least. Sidekick/narrator Dr. Mary Watson both delights in and is frustrated by her partner’s behavioral resemblance to Sherlock. Combs is unemotional, analytical, and given to pacing through the night in the streets of the almost perfectly livable city of Portland, Oregon.”

Sandra says both books of the series will be available as well as the mystery anthology, “Lesbians on the Loose,” and her poetry chapbook, “All This Remains to be Discovered.”


New Releases: “January Song”

7267743Vargus Pike has released January Song, the final book of a four volume set of poetry, Songs of the Seasons. Like its seasonal companions: April Song, July Song and October Song, a single poem was conceived and written each day of the month. The book also includes an appendix with the author’s insights for each poem. The set or individual books can be found at Another Read Through bookstore on 3932 N. Mississippi Ave., or through Etsy from PoetPikesCorner.

Poet, performance artist and front man for the east coast irritainment band Pietzsche Nietzsches, Vargus Pike has been active in the arts for almost thirty years and has been writing poetry since the seventh grade. He serves as board member for 9Bridges writers group headquartered in Portland. He is a member of The Oregon Writers Colony as well as the Oregon Poetry Association.

Selected works have appeared in New Gravity 360 (journal of new poetry) the love poetry anthology The Gift of a Rose by Lost Tower Publications (London) and the online literary magazine Flask and Pen.