Learn More About Market America

Hello OWC Members,

Everyone understands the difficulty of raising funds at this time, and in order to maintain Colony House and support our mission we are always on the lookout for creative fund raising opportunities. To this end, we have invested considerable time and effort into investigating a unique fund raising opportunity and are very excited about this new project for many reasons.

We are proud to introduce our Paid To Shop Program. We have partnered with a well established, multi-million dollar company and through them now have our own shopping web portal: www.marketamerica.com/owc and hope everyone will check it out.

Please understand, we are NOT asking you to buy ‘stuff’ you do not need. We are simply asking current internet shoppers to use www.marketamerica.com/owc to shop at the stores you already use. If you do not currently shop online, we ask you to try it – shop in the comfort of your own home; save money on gas; and get great deals.

What do members get out of it? First, you help OWC financially at NO cost to YOU. Second, you earn between 2% and 35% CASHBACK for yourself on both exclusive MA branded products and purchases from many of the partner stores. Invite your friends to earn CASHBACK on their purchases as well. Have them sign on as OWC preferred customers and they will help themselves and your writing organization.

How does OWC benefit and what does it cost? OWC receives a donation from Market America on the sale of each MA branded product purchased by our supporters. In addition, we earn a second royalty stream of income from our supporters’ purchases through our Internet Partner Stores. THERE IS NO COST TO OWC.

And you are getting cash back on competitively priced products you want.

What do you need to do?

  1. Go to www.marketamerica.com/owc – See OWC below the Search bar.
  2. Register as a Preferred Customer. Click – ‘Sign In,’ top right hand corner. Select – No, I am a new customer. Then follow the prompts.
  3. Go Shopping! Use the Search Bar for specific items. Check out the ’Blue Button Options,’ including – our brands, partner stores, hot deals and more.

Obviously, the success of this program requires YOUR participation. However, to help us understand the benefits of the web portal and ‘spread the word,’ we have the help of our own Shop Consultants – Barbara Copfer & Pat Duggan (some may remember Pat as a member at our Sylvia Beach Conferences). If you have questions or need help, contact them at bpsolutions@Q.com. They will also be available at our upcoming events on the coast – Founders Day at Rockaway Beach in August.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new fundraising program, which will help you cut your shopping costs, while benefiting OWC – it is a WIN/WIN program.

OWC Board Members
Rae Richen, president

P.S. Our board members are not distributors or representatives for Market America and do not personally profit from our connection to Market America, except that we also enjoy the same cash back program that you will have as a preferred customer. Any income from Market America that comes from our involvement benefits only the Oregon Writers Colony.