Oregon Writers Colony and Colonyhouse: A Haven for Writers

Imagine: Inside that unassuming house north of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is a haven for writers. From the massive log walls to the tall stone fireplace to the filled bookcases throughout the house, the place speaks of craft and imagination — and the adventure of writing. Outside, the wind may whisper or howl, and the ocean may crash against the shore or lap the sand like a pink-tongued puppy. Inside the house, you’re working in the ... Read More

Member News

New Releases: "A Question of Mortality"

Susan Clayton-Goldner announces the publication of her latest book, a collection of poems released by Wellstone Press. “A Question of Mortality takes us, step by ... Read More
When Patty Went Away

New Releases: "When Patty Went Away"

Jeannie Burt’s new novel, When Patty Went Away, is a family drama set in the mid-1970s. It plays out in a remote farming community in the ... Read More
The Lanvin Murders

New Releases: "The Lanvin Murders"

Angela M. Sanders just published her first mystery novel, The Lanvin Murders. Angela’s goal with The Lanvin Murders was to mash-up Portlandia and Agatha Christie, with a few dozen vintage ... Read More

OWC News

Thanks to Fresh, Sweet Perfection!

Thanks to Fresh, 9120 5th St. in Bay City, and to Sweet Perfection, 1911 2nd St. in Tillamook, for donating ... Read More
Laura Stanfill, Matt Love

Spring Writer in the House: Semi-Summit on Small Presses

Oregon Writers Colony will host two writers and small press publishing mentors, Matt Love of Nestucca Spit Press and Laura ... Read More
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Miller Foundation awards OWC $5,000 grant

A hearty thank you goes out to the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, which has awarded Oregon Writers ... Read More