Contest Winners

2012 Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners

Short Story Fiction

1st place, Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, Oregon, Ellen Gregory

2nd place, Shirley Dixon, Portland, Oregon, A Different Calling

3rd place, Diane Manley, Eugene, Oregon, The Favorite

First Honorable Mention, Harry Demarest, Corvallis, Oregon,
Johnny Angel

Other Honorable Mentions (alphabetical by author):

  • Darlene Buechel, Chilton, Wisconsin, Six Rules for Surviving a Stepdad
  • Patricia MacAodha, Portland, Oregon, The Witch with the Backpack
  • John J. White, Merritt Island, Florida, Beneath the Wintry Sky

Judges’ Panel “Entries of Note” (alphabetical by author):
(These made it into the top ten lists of at least three judges, or high on the list of at least one judge.)

  • Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, Oregon, Piece by Piece
  • Valerie Lake, Corvallis, Oregon, Jose’s Boots
  • Diane Miller, Sweethome, Oregon, The Struggle to Lose It
  • Chet Skibinski, Lake Oswego, Oregon, The Prince and his Tunnels
  • Patricia A. Smith, Corvallis, Oregon, Birthday Surprise

Short Story Nonfiction

1st place, Morgan Songi, Eugene, Oregon
Spirit Nights

2nd place, Donelle Knudsen, Richland, Washington, Ashes to Ashes and the Spirit of Forgiveness

3rd place, Cheryl Sears, Portland, Oregon, Prejudice Revisited

First Honorable Mention, Leland Spencer, Monument, Oregon, Junkpile Go-Cart

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical by author):

  • Valerie Lake, Corvallis, Oregon, Invasive Species
  • Genny Lynch, Lebanon, Oregon, Kissing Lessons
  • Jean Peterson, Nehalem, Oregon, Border Banditos

Judges’ Panel “Entries of Note” (alphabetical by author):
(These made it into the top ten lists of at least three judges, or high on the list of at least one judge.)

  • Judith B. Allen, Manzanita, Oregon, Twenty Questions
  • Donelle Knudsen, Richland, Washington, Desert Rose or a Blooming Miracle
  • Rick Lamplugh, Corvallis, Oregon, Mystery at Trout Lake
  • Laura Loomis, Pittsburg, California, Ghost House

Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Contest

1st place, Barb McMakin, Crestwood, Kentucky, Familiar Skeletons

2nd place, Morgan Azinger, Portland, Oregon, Indescribable Things

3rd place,

Karen Keltz, Tillamook, Oregon, Miasma

First Honorable Mention, Eileen Malone, Broadmoor Village, California, Whale Watching Guy

Other Honorable Mentions (alphabetical by author):

  • Morgan Azinger, Portland, Oregon, American Apocalypse
  • Ellanaine Lockie, California, Just Desserts
  • Morgan Songi, Eugene, Oregon, Weeds

2011 Contest Winners Announced

Short Story Fiction

1st place, Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, Oregon, Coda

2nd place, Beth Navarro, Corvallis, Oregon, Loba

3rd place, Nancy K. Berry, Seaside, Oregon, Classified Miracle

First Honorable Mention, Kathleen Ewing, Prescott Valley, Arizona, Living Legend

Short Story Non-Fiction

1st place, Joanne Arledge, Yonkers, New York, The Birds

2nd place, Valerie Lake, Corvallis Oregon, The Man with No Legs

3rd place, Rick Lamplugh, Corvallis, Oregon, Slugging it Out in the Garden

First Honorable Mention, Samantha Ducloux Waltz, Lake Oswego, Oregon, Persuasion

Other Honorable Mentions (Alphabetical)

  • Linda Elin Hamner, Philomath, Oregon, O Christmas Tree…O Christmas Tree…,
  • Judith Allen, Manzanita, Oregon, Boots
  • Rachael S. Neal, Missoula, Montana, Kind Eyes
  • Kate Gilbert, Richmond, NSW, Australia, Strong Lines
  • Dee Roy, Albany, Oregon, Different Kind of Snake
  • Sara Truitt, Claremont, California, Daughter

Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Contest

1st Prize, Ada Molinoff, Salem, Oregon, Tethered

2nd Prize, Kathryn Graves-Messer, Keizer, Oregon, Steam

3rd Prize, Gail Black, Portland, Oregon, The Arleta Library

1st Honorable Mention, Jeffrey Jensen, Portland, Oregon, Orpheus The Haunt

2nd Honorable Mention, Kathryn Graves-Messer, Keizer, Oregon, At The Mouth of The Klamath River

3rd Honorable Mention, Gwendolyn Morgan, Willapa Bay, Ecotones

2010 Contest Winners


First Prize: Sue Parman, Hillsboro, Oregon, The Spirit Bird

Second Prize: Dorothy Blackcrow Mack, Depoe Bay, Oregon, Chi-Chi Foretells the Sex of Alex Turning Hawk’s Baby

Third Prize: Aron Bernstein, Portland, Oregon, Tunnel Vision

First Honorable Mention: Tamsin Morgan, Eugene, Oregon, Bitter Creek

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical):

  • Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, Oregon, In the Details
  • Lynn Veach Sadler, Sanford, North Carolina, Oregon, Spitting in Van Gogh’s Eyes
  • Patricia Smith, Corvallis, Oregon, Dinner at the Weitzman’s

Fiction Entries of Note (alphabetical):
The entries in this and the nonfiction category made it onto at least 2 of 4 judges’ top ten lists.

  • Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, Oregon, I Remember You
  • Michael C. Bronson, Tigard, Oregon, The Comfort People
  • Randy Dary, Lakeview, Oregon, At My Wit’s End
  • Jill Kelly, Portland, Oregon, Of All the Things I Might Have Done
  • Jean Liebert, Corvallis, Oregon, The Gun
  • Ann Littlewood, Portland, Oregon, Dry Gulch
  • Deb Mohr, Eugene, Oregon, The White Train
  • Beth Navarro, Corvallis, Oregon, Bird of Freedom
  • Lois Rosen, Salem, Oregon, Peonies
  • Jo Senters, Portland, Oregon, Blue Bedroom Eyes
  • Alida Thacher, Portland, Oregon, The AquaContrarium


First Prize, Steve Theme, Beaverton, Oregon, Lulu

Second Prize, Mark A. Bryant, Lebanon, Oregon, Boodle or Brace

Third Prize, Karen Flagstad, Portland, Oregon, The Night Train

First Honorable Mention, Samantha Ducloux Waltz, Lake Oswego, Oregon, An Inventory of the Perfect Man

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical)

  • Patricia Daharsh, Deauville, Florida, The Caretakers
  • Genny Lynch, Lebanon, Oregon, Expand Your Dating Pool
  • Cheryl Sears, Portland, Oregon, The Amputee Hamster

Nonfiction Entries of Note (alphabetical):

  • Karen Alexander-Brown, Portland, Oregon, Monologue, Mostly in Silence
  • Dale L. Baker, Portland, Oregon, A Tale of Two Kissers
  • Jo Barney, Portland, Oregon, Mary’s Closet
  • B.J. Bateman, Damascus, Oregon, Generation Gap
  • Lois Jean Bousquet, Albany, Oregon, An Undying Love
  • Ange Crawford, Corvallis, Oregon, Wildlife, Erotic Nights and Real Life
  • Alan Huster, Albany, Oregon, Fish Soup
  • Allyson Koplin, Hillsboro, Oregon, Bathroom Floor
  • Donelle Knudsen, Richland, Washington, Angels Come in Many Sizes
  • Valerie Lake, Corvallis, Oregon, Night of Lions
  • Sue Parman, Hillsboro, Oregon, Gargoyles To Go
  • Vera Wildauer, Manzanita, Oregon, On the Road Redux

Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Contest

First Prize, Sue Parman, Hillsboro, Oregon, Rain

Second Prize, Lois Rosen, Salem, Oregon, Pantoum for Dorothy at 92

Third Prize, Sue Parman, Looking for Water

First Honorable Mention, Gwen Morgan, Portland, Oregon, Within the Breath

Second Honorable Mention, Joseph A. Soldati, Portland, Oregon, Matinee Idyll

Third Honorable Mention, Dale L. Baker, Portland, Oregon, Room 134A

Fourth Honorable Mention, Patricia E. Lanier, Eugene, Oregon, Snow Birds