Winners were invited to read from their work and receive their prizes at Oregon Writers Colony Winner’s Contest Reading on November 15, 2010, 7 to 9 p.m., at Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215.

Sue Parman, OWC Contest Winner 2010

Sue Parman, OWC Contest Winner 2010


  • First Prize: Sue Parman, Hillsboro, “The Spirit Bird”
  • Second Prize: Dorothy Blackcrow Mack, Depoe Bay, “Chi-Chi Foretells the Sex of Alex Turning Hawk’s Baby”
  • Third Prize: Aron Bernstein, Portland, “Tunnel Vision”
  • First Honorable Mention: Tamsin Morgan, Eugene, “Bitter Creek”

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical)

  • Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview,”In the Details”
  • Lynn Veach Sadler, Sanford North Carolina, “Spitting in Van Gogh’s Eyes”
  • Patricia Smith, Corvallis, “Dinner at the Weitzman’s”

Fiction Entries of Note (alphabetical) The entries in this and the nonfiction category made it onto at least 2 of 4 judges’ top ten lists.

  • Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview, “I Remember You”
  • Michael C. Bronson, Tigard, “The Comfort People”
  • Randy Dary, Lakeview, “At My Wit’s End”
  • Jill Kelly, Portland, “Of All the Things I Might Have Done”
  • Jean Liebert, Corvallis, “The Gun”
  • Ann Littlewood, Portland, “Dry Gulch”
  • Deb Mohr, Eugene, “The White Train”
  • Beth Navarro, Corvallis, “Bird of Freedom”
  • Lois Rosen, Salem, “Peonies”
  • Jo Senters, Portland, “Blue Bedroom Eyes”
  • Alida Thacher, Portland, “The AquaContrarium”
Steve Theme, OWC Contest Winner 2010

Steve Theme, OWC Contest Winner 2010


  • First Prize: Steve Theme, Beaverton, “Lulu”
  • Second Prize: Mark A. Bryant, Lebanon, “Boodle or Brace”
  • Third Prize: Karen Flagstad, Portland, “The Night Train”
  • First Honorable Mention: Samantha Ducloux Waltz, Lake Oswego. “An Inventory of the Perfect Man”

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical)

  • Patricia Daharsh, Deauville FL, “The Caretakers”
  • Genny Lynch, Lebanon, “Expand Your Dating Pool”
  • Cheryl Sears, Portland, “The Amputee Hamster”

Nonfiction Entries of Note (alphabetical)

  • Karen Alexander-Brown, Portland, “Monologue, Mostly in Silence”
  • Dale L. Baker, Portland, “A Tale of Two Kissers”
  • Jo Barney, Portland, “Mary’s Closet”
  • B.J.Bateman, Damascus, “Generation Gap”
  • Lois Jean Bousquet, Albany, “An Undying Love”
  • Ange Crawford, Corvallis, “Wildlife, Erotic Nights and Real Life”
  • Alan Huster, Albany OR, “Fish Soup”
  • Allyson Koplin, Hillsboro, “Bathroom Floor”
  • Donelle Knudsen, Richland WA, “Angels Come in Many Sizes”
  • Valerie Lake, Corvallis, “Night of Lions”
  • Sue Parman, Hillsboro, “Gargoyles To Go”
  • Vera Wildauer, Manzanita, “On the Road Redux”

Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Contest

Poetry Judge Ron Talney has chosen the following poets to receive prizes in the 2010 Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Contest. Talney’s fourth book of poetry, A Secret Weeping of Stones, was recently published by Plain View Press.

  • First Prize : Sue Parman, from Hillsboro, “Rain”
  • Second Prize : Lois Rosen, from Salem, for “Pantoum for Dorothy at 92”
  • Third Prize : Sue Parman, for “Looking for Water”
  • First Honorable Mention : Gwen Morgan, from Portland, “Within the Breath”
  • Second Honorable Mention : Joseph A. Soldati, from Portland, “Matinee Idyll”
  • Third Honorable Mention : Dale L. Baker, from Portland, “Room 134A”
  • Fourth Honorable Mention : Patricia E. Lanier, from Eugene, “Snow Birds”

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