2016 Writing Contest Winners

Here are the 2016 OWC Contest Award Winners!

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Narrative Nonfiction First Chapter

1st place, Morgan Songi, “Stories and Whispers”
2nd place, Katherine C. Binford, “Unstrung Pearl-Collateral Blessing”
3rd place, Sarah Evans, “ Prologue: from Untitled Memoir”
1st honorable mention, Jennifer Andrea, “Blackbird”

Narrative Nonfiction Short Story

1st place Peter Gibb, “At the Wall”
2nd place, Ed Goldberg, “Bar Stories”
3rd place, Robert Michael Olds, “Patriot or Gladiator?”
1st honorable mention, Donelle M Knudsen, “Desert Rose or A Blooming Miracle”
Honorable mentions, alphabetical:
Donelle M. Knudsen, “Angels Come in Many Sizes”
Rosemary Douglas Lombard, “Lost with the Badgers”
Phyllis L. Thompson, “Light”

Fiction First Chapter

1st place, Patsy Lally, “The Golden Calf”
2nd place, Patricia Ann Thomas, “Whiskers Noir, Cat Detective”
3rd place, Jean Rover, “The Place Where You Are”
1st honorable mention Lois Rosen, “Welcome to 4-H”
Honorable mentions, alphabetical:
Katherine Clark, “The Ghost of Hawks Cove”
Kim Johnson, “Just Matters”
Gary C. McAuley, “That Bedsprings Guy”

Fiction Short Story

1st place, Ann Littlewood, Dry Gulch
2nd place, Harry Demarest, Twice Upon a Time
3rd place, Michael Coolen, The Lion of Mali
1st honorable mention, T. Foster Thompson, Harvest Gold
Honorable mentions, alphabetical:
Jean Rover, The Day Truman Ruined Our Jam
Chet Skibinski, The Sound of Snow
Corie Skolnick, The Prize