Deception Cove By Deena Lindstedt

Deception Cove

By Deena Lindstedt

Publisher: Wings ePress (2010)
Paperback: 420 pages
ISBN-10: 1597055689
ISBN-13: 978-1597055680

Review by Sue Bronson

From Cape Cod, where Deception Cove opens, to the Oregon Coast where the story and action expand, Denna Lindstedt does more than plot a good mystery, she places her readers into the heart of the scene with vivid descriptions of both coasts. Her sense of place is one of the best things about this first novel.

Add to that, a skillful insurance investigator with the same human flaws and fears that many of us walk this earth with, and the reader can’t help but care about Meredith Davison and cheer her on. The theft of four valuable paintings becomes personal for her as she tries to deal with the death of a husband she didn’t really know.

It’s a mystery with clever twists and turns that keep the reader guessing and reading as the investigator uncovers the story’s secrets. I’m sure we’ll be reading more about insurance investigator, Meredith Davidson. She’s a worthy series character.

Sue Bronson is past president and current treasurer of Oregon Writers Colony.