Oregon Writers Colony and Colonyhouse: A Haven for Writers


Colonyhouse chairsImagine: Inside that unassuming house north of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is a haven for writers. From the massive log walls to the tall stone fireplace to the filled bookcases throughout the house, the place speaks of craft and imagination — and the adventure of writing.

Outside, the wind may whisper or howl, and the ocean may crash against the shore or lap the sand like a pink-tongued puppy. Inside the house, you’re working in the silent company of some of the greatest writers from the Northwest and elsewhere, whose books have been composed inside these walls and who, even absent, inspire you to keep writing word after word after word.

Rockaway sunset

Rockaway Beach sunset.

To the folks at Oregon Writers Colony, Colonyhouse is a metaphor for what we do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mega-best-selling novelist, like Jean Auel, or a newcomer to the craft: We know and respect the struggle of writers to polish their skills and to find a space set apart for that work.

We call ourselves “a community of writers.” What we mean by that is that you’ll find not just great workshops — although there are those; not just a house by the beach where you can write — although Colonyhouse is that; but a group of people who understand your struggle, the need for community and silence, and the call of that great adventure you’ve embarked upon, whether you write fiction or nonfiction, essays or poetry, novels or a journal.

ColonyhouseWe understand, because we’re writers, too. We know the journey can sometimes be lonely, frustrating, and terrifying. We also know that joining a community of people who understand both the hills and valleys of the road can make the journey easier and help you reach your destination.

Come along with us. Explore our workshops. Get to know our members. When you’re ready, become a part of our community. You’ll wonder only why you waited so long.

Colonyhouse. Photo by Kirsten Steen