Alone with Michelangelo is a travel memoir.

Italy has beckoned travelers for centuries: for its beauty, its art, architecture and history. Also for its people and their scrupulous attention to food and wine. In 1962, Marlene falls in love with Italy, igniting a passion that lasts a lifetime. This book celebrates the solitary adventure of a woman in the country of a thousand suns. Like many others, she seeks self discovery. With no reservations and minimal command of the language, it’s freestyle all the way. She finds gutsy qualities in herself and affirms the mystic connection many long to have with Italy’s long, glorious past.

Alone with Michelangelo is a hardcover book, with numerous photos (some color and some black and white) as well as paintings of Italy by an artist who lived there for ten years.There is an extensive index regarding specific art and architecture discussed as well as monuments in various cities mentioned in the book. It also has a list of Sources and Suggested Reading Material about Italy. No longer in print, but the author has copies available.