Colonyhouse needs you!

We all love the beach, but it is hard for structures to survive the decades.

After many years the lakeside stairs have given up the ghost. For the safety of members who love and book our writing retreat house (remember, this could be you!), they must be replaced.

We found a contractor, Hector Martinez of Hometown Renovations, who will do the work, using pressure treated wood and stainless-steel nails, and his great building skills, but all that costs.
Hector must remove the old stairs, dispose of the debris, then build the new stairs. However, he’s offering to do this for us for $6,450.00, which we know is a bargain.

Still, it’s more money than our merry little volunteer Board has on hand. So, we turn to you, our members, for help.

For $150 you can buy a step.
For $300 you can buy a railing section.
For $500 you can buy an entire platform.

Or, just give what you can in the donation section down below.

No matter what, your name will be entered onto a permanent Stair Patron’s plaque to hang at the house, letting the world know that you care.

Plus, when you come use Colonyhouse yourself, you will rest easy knowing you have safe access.

Or send a check to OWC, P.O. Box 15200, Portland, OR 97293-5200
Thank you for your generosity and support,
Oregon Writers Colony Board