David-by-Janna-Silverstein-November-20121-140x140David D. Levine’s “Regency Interplanetary Airship Adventure” novel “Arabella of Mars” has sold to science fiction publisher Tor as part of a three-book deal. The first volume will be published
in late 2015 or early 2016, with two sequels to follow at yearly

Arabella Ashby is a Patrick O’Brian girl in a Jane Austen world ¬¬–
born and raised on Mars, she was hauled back home by her mother, where
she’s stifled by England’s gravity, climate, and attitudes toward
women. When she learns that her evil cousin plans to kill her brother
and inherit the family fortune, she joins the crew of an
interplanetary clipper ship in order to beat him to Mars. But
privateers, mutiny, and insurrection stand in her way. Will she arrive
in time?

Levine has published more than 50 short stories in major
markets. His stories have won the Hugo, have been nominated for the
Nebula, and have appeared in five Year’s Best anthologies, among many
other honors, and his collection “Space Magic”won the Endeavour Award
for the year’s best F/SF book by a Pacific Northwest writer.