Books by Members

We congratulate and support our author members and their work. Below is a listing of member’s published books and where they are available. OWC publications can be found here.

Author Books
Marc Acito Attack of the Theater People
How I Paid For College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship and Muscial Theater
Judith Allen Looking Through Water
The Five Stages of Death and Dying Getting Well.
Jean Auel The Clan of the Cave Bear
The Mammoth Hunters
The Valley of Horses
The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone
The Land of Painted Caves
Carmen Bernier-Grand Shake It, Morena!: And Other Folklore from Puerto Rico
Tom Birdseye Just Call Me Stupid
Tarantula Shoes
Storm Mountain
Larry Brooks Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing
Whisper of the Seventh Thunder
Story Structure – Demystified
Bait and Switch
Serpent’s Dance
Pressure Points
Darkness Bound
Buckley, Frishmann, Massee & Richardson Quartet
Bill Cameron County Line
Day One
Chasing Smoke
Lost Dog
Sage Cohen Writing the Life Poetic; Like the Heart, the World
The Productive Writer: Tips & Tools to Help You Write More, Street Less & Create Success
Collin, Robin and Robert Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Vol. 1: Environment and Ecology; Vol. 2: Business and Economics; Vol. 3: Equity and Fairness
Dave DeHart Shadow Plots
The Eye of the Viper
Terminated With Extreme Pleasure
Beren deMotier Brides of March: Memoir of a Same-Sex Marriage
Barbara Drake Driving One Hundred
Peace at Heart: An Oregon Country Life
Christine Fletcher Ten Cents a Dance
Marlene Hill Alone With Michaelangelo: A Woman Follows Her Dreams to Italy
John Hiveley The Rigged Game: Corporate America and a People Betrayed
Cindy Hudson Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs
Patty Jacobs My Balancing Act: Memoir of Adapting to Multiple Sclerosis and Recapturing a Joyful Life
John Kallas Edible Wild Plants
Christina Katz Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids
Kay Kenyon Bright of the Sky
A World Too Near
City Without End (The Entire and the Rose Quartet)
Ann Littlewood Did Not Survive
Night Kill
Linda Kuhlmann Koenig’s Wonder
The Red Boots
Lori Lake Like Lovers Do
Richochet in Time
Gun Shy
Under the Gun
Have Gun, We’ll Travel
Different Dress
Shimmer and Other Stories
Snow Moon Risin
Stepping Out – Short Stories
Jewel Lansing Portland: People, Politics and Power, 1851-2001
My Montana: A History and Memoir 1930-1950
Mitch Luckett To Kill a Common Loon
Elizabeth Lyon Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write
The Writer’s Guide to Nonfiction
The Sell Your Novel Tool Kit
A Writer’s Guide to Fiction
National Directory of Editors & Writers
Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore
Dorothy Mack & Quitze Rose Pilling The Fourth Wise One: Wichoni’s Journey
Ted Magnuson Oregon Trivia
The Moses Probe
Irene Martin Beach of Heaven: A History of Wahkiakum County
Legacy and Testament: The Story of the Columbia River Gillnetters
Lewis and Clark in the Land of the Wahkiakums
Sea Fire: Tales of Jesus and Fishing
Skamokawa: Sad Years, Glad Years
Marilyn McFarlane The Healthy Seniors Cookbook, Ideal Meals and Menus for People Over Sixty (Or Any Age)
Sacred Myths: Stories of World Religions
Best Places to Stay in the Pacific Northwest
Quick Escapes Pacific Northwest: 32 Weekend Getaways from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.
Best Places to Stay in California
S. Renee Mitchell Thought You Knew: Poetic Testimonies about Life, Love and LIberation
Tangoing With Tornados
Jessica Page Morell Bullies, Bastards and Bitches: How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction
Thanks, But This Isn’t for Us: A (Sort of) Compassionate Guide to Why Your Writing is Being Rejected
Voices from the Streeet: Truths About Homelessness from Sisters of the Road
Between the Lines
The Writer’s I Ching: Wisdom for the Creative Life
Writing Out the Storm
Marketing Words: The Writer’s Guide to Marketing Income;
Debra Murphy The Mystery of Things
Robyn Parnell My Closet Threw a Party
This Here and Now
Jim Petersen Why Don’t We Listen Better?: Communicating and Connecting in Relationships
Sally Petersen The Real American Dream: Creating Independence and Running a One Person Business
Tie Pie, Love and Reality:
Randall Platt Hellie Jondoe
The Likes of Me: Honor Bright
The Cornerstone
The Four Arrows Fe-A-Ko
The Royalskope Fe-As-Ko
The 1898 Baseball Fe-As-Ko
Out of a Forest Clearing
Sandy Polishuk Sticking to the Union
Barbara Pope Cezanne’s Quarry
The Blood of Lorraine
D’Norgia Price String Beans and Candy Canes
RaeAnn Proost Pepper in Her Pocket: The Stove and Stories of a Country Grandmother
Sorry Little Supper: The Stove and Stories of a Swedish Grandmother
Cupcakes on the Counter – the Stoves and Stories of Our Families
Rae Richen To Serve Those Most in Need: A History of the Albertina Kerr Centers
Carolyn Rose Hemlock Lake
Consulted to Death
Driven to Death
Dated to Death. Co-written with Mike Nettleton: The Big Grabowski, Sometimes a Great Commotion
The Hard Karma Shuffle
The Crushed Velvet Miasma
The Hermit of Humbug Mountain
Cornelia Seigneur West Linn, OR (Images of America)
WriterMom Tales: Coralling the Emotion While Savoring the Chaos, Spilled Cheerios, and Prayers of Real-Life Motherhood
Jennie Shortridge When She Flew
Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe
Eating Heaven
Riding With the Queen
Willa Schneberg Storytelling In Cambodia
In the Margins of the World

Box Poems
Esther Schrader Murder Most Foul
Death Walks Among Us
Desparate Straits
Strange Stories of Sand and Sea
Wrath of Thoth
Twisted Cat Tales
The Shadow People
Sami Scripter Cooking from the Heart: The Hmong Kitchen in America
Patricia Steele A Roundabout Passage to Venice
Shoot the Moon
Cooking Drunk: And Wine Tasting 101
Cynthia Whitcomb The Writer’s Guide to Writing Your Screenplay: How to Write Great Screenplays for Movies and Television
The Writer’s Guide to Selling Your Screenplay
Annette White-Parks Bridge Work
Sui Sin Far/Edith Maude Eaton: A Literary Biography
qh awála-li “water coming down place”: A History of Gualala, Medocino County, California
Cuttings from the Violas: Traveling With My Scots Grannies
Grandma’s Last House: Restoring a Memory, a Fanciful Memoir
Cowboys of the Rimrocks – A Memoir on Grant County, Oregon, 1860s to 1940s
Doreen Gandy Wiley One Hundred Candles
Fires of Survival: A Novel
Recipe From An Oyster – A Memoir
Poems for Twelve Moods (Living Poets Series no. 22)
Patricia Wilson I Can’t See, But I Can Imagine: Blind Grandmother Sees The World Through Story & Song
Sharon Wood Wortman The Portland Bridge Book
Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass: Poems about Bridges Real and Imagined by 70 Poets, with Directions for Five Self-Guided Explorations
M.K. Wren The Phoenix Legacy:
Sword of the Lamb

Shadow of the Swan
House of the Wolf
A Gift Upon the Shore

The Conan Flagg Mystery series:
A Multitude of Sins
King of the Mountain
Dead Matter
Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat,
Nothing’s For Certain But Death
Oh, Bury Me Not
Seasons of Death
Neely Jones: The Medusa Pool
Nitty Gritties – The Pursuit of the Perfect Manuscript