David D. LevineHugo-winning science fiction writer David D. Levine will host a week-long examination of the challenges and opportunities of the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. The workshop, Elsewhere, Elsewhen, and Elsewise, will be a laid-back week whose content is largely determined by the attendees, but potential topics for discussion include:

  • Integrating character, plot, and world building
  • Using sets and props to define character, clarify the world, and build emotion
  • Using all the senses (there are more than just five)
  • Developing an idea into a story.

There will be plenty of time for writing, questions, and group discussion.

The workshop will be held Monday through Friday, July 15-20, 2018, at Colonyhouse. There are two options for attendance:

$400 total for classes Monday through Friday, including double-occupancy lodging from Sunday after 4 p.m. through Friday noon.

$200 for Monday-through-Friday class only.

David D. Levine is the author of The Andre Norton Award winning Arabella of Mars (2016) The second book of the series, Arabella and the Battle of Venus was released in 2017. The trilogy concludes with Arabella the Traitor of Mars, scheduled for publication by Tor on July 31, 2018. He has written more than 50 SF and fantasy stories. His story “Tk’Tk’Tk” won the Hugo, and he has been shortlisted for awards including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, and Sturgeon. His stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, F&SF, and multiple Year’s Best anthologies, and his award-winning collection Space Magic.

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