Oregon Writers Colony
Executive Director Application[CP_CONTACT_FORM_PAYPAL]

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for the position of Executive Director of the Oregon Writers Colony. The Executive Director works 20 hours a week from home. In close collaboration with the volunteer Board of Directors, the position is responsible for the operational management of the organization, including six annual Literary Lounge gatherings, the Colonyhouse in Rockaway Beach, an annual retreat, and other events and duties. The Executive Director must have strong management, planning and visioning skills. The Executive Director is expected to attend monthly Board of Director meetings and executive committee meetings.

Our mission statement expresses our core values: Oregon Writers Colony offers support to writers in all stages of their writing careers, from novices to published authors. Members benefit from classes, inspiration from teachers and colleagues, and access to Colonyhouse, a lovely writing retreat on the Oregon Coast.

The ideal candidate will help us continue to thrive and grow into the future.

Questions about compensation should be directed to Board President Becky Kjelstrom at beckykjelstrom@oregonwriterscolony.org.

All applicants must submit a resume, a detailed response to the following four questions and current contact information.
1. Describe your experience or knowledge of program development and long-term strategic planning.
2. Cite two or more instances of successful fundraising in which you have participated as a leader. These may be large or small projects.
3. Describe your supervisory and management experience. The ability to work successfully with volunteers is desirable.
4. Explain why the Oregon Writers Colony should hire you as Executive Director.

Please reply to: beckykjelstrom@oregonwriterscolony.org. In the email subject line, type OWC ED. In the email, please include your name and contact information. Please attach to the email your resume and the answers to the above four questions. You may also submit your resume and answers to Oregon Writers Colony, Executive Director Application, PO Box 15200, Portland, OR 97293-5200.

Thank you for your interest in Oregon Writers Colony!