Reading as a Writer, Writing as a Reader—Insights for Creating and Sustaining a Writing Practice

In what ways do the authors we value as readers inform what we choose to write? How can we learn from the work of these writers to stretch our own writing muscles, to step back, evaluate, and edit our own work? How can we maintain momentum when our enthusiasm inevitably flags? How do we best confront self-doubt, boost confidence, and learn to develop and trust the wise inner writer-voice?

Award-winning poet Nancy Flynn will be the Writer in the House at Colonyhouse Friday, Feb. 14 to Sunday, Feb. 16.

A self-described “slow-blooming” writer who has worked in both fiction and poetry, Nancy has spent the past decade seeking her own answers to these kinds of questions. For nearly twenty years, she worked for Cornell University’s central information technologies division in eclectic areas such as strategic communications, technology publishing and editing, marketing and outreach, and business management. During that time, she also earned an M.A. in English & Creative Writing. Then, in 2001, her career job ended and other life priorities shifted so that writing could make it back to front and center. In her view, that’s when her humble apprenticeship to the word really began!

Throughout the weekend, in a collegial atmosphere of casual, one-on-one conversations, Nancy will share her thoughts—and her own hard-won insights—about creating and sustaining an ongoing writing practice. It will be opportunity to step outside the day-to-day, often solitary “slog” of writing and take a look at the bigger picture, to identify your strengths as well as strategies that can help you take your work to its next level. In addition, she will offer feedback on the work-in-progress of your choice. You are also encouraged to bring poems, stories, and/or books by your favorite authors to share; there will be time to chat about why they are important and inspirational mentors for your work as well.

More information about Nancy—including her publications, awards, and a link to her blog, “Stream of Consciousness”— is at her website.