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We've had issues in the past where new members have the wrong idea about the Colony House. This form helps us get to know you, and helps you get to know us, before your reservation request can be made.

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Please tell us about yourself, your writing life, and your engagement with the Oregon Writer's Colony!
The Colony House is a retreat house for writers at all stages in their writing journey. It doesn't matter whether you are established, aspiring, traditionally published, or self-published!
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The Colony House is for use by active members in the OWC. Please indicate your participation (check all that applly)

About the Colony House

Staying at the Colony House is not like staying at an Airbnb. Make no mistake, this old place has its charms, but think, "rustic cabin with a hodge-podge of furniture" rather than "Instagram-ready spa retreat." Please set your expectations accordingly.
Please check each box to make sure you understand your obligations toward your stay.