OWC member, prize-winning author Marjorie Reynolds announces the publication of  her book  Take Your Novel to the Next Level .  It’s now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Shipping is free for prime members. Clicking on http://amzn.to/2nICFH9 will transport you to more information on Take Your Novel to the Next Level.  

Marjorie writes:

This book will help you clarify what your novel is really about. I’m not talking about the plot. That’s a series of events to illustrate the story. I want to know what you’re really trying to say with this lengthy collection of words. Is there a deeper meaning below the surface of the text? What feelings do you want to convey? Does your manuscript contain subtext or the echo technique? What emotions do you hope to evoke in the reader? These questions often scare the creativity right out of a writer, but you’ll find the answers, when dissected, are immensely helpful, even critical to the process. This book will make complicated concepts of novel writing easier to understand.

As a writing instructor, I can teach you the craft, but I can’t teach you art. Your novel is your unique interpretation of a universe that reveals truths about the human experience and causes the reader to feel strong emotions. Only you can write it. In someone else’s hands, it would be a different book.